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CD3/BCMA Bispecific Antibody for Multiple Myeloma Treatment
Poster Title: CD3/BCMA Bispecific Antibody for Multiple Myeloma Treatment
Submitted on 25 Sep 2020
Author(s): Alice White
Affiliations: Protheragen
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Poster Information
Abstract: CD3xBCMA-bsAb directs the cytolytic activity of T cells selectively to MM cells, leading to the apoptosis of tumor cells. Simultaneously, activation of T cells leads to transient release of cytokines to broaden the immune response against the tumor tissue. Protheragen Inc. is actively seeking partnership for CD3xBCMA-bsAb. Potential collaboration can be strategic alliance, licensing, or marketing agreement.Summary: CD3xBCMA-bsAb, a novel bispecific antibody concomitantly targeting BCMA, highly expressed on multiple myeloma (MM) cells, and CD3 on T cells, is obtained by self-developed human natural phage antibody display library.References: abuse »
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