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Ce4+ sensing abilities of benzoguanamine: β-cyclodextrin inclusion complex
Poster Title: Ce4+ sensing abilities of benzoguanamine: β-cyclodextrin inclusion complex
Submitted on 18 Oct 2021
Author(s): K. Sivakumar*, G. Parinamachivayam
Affiliations: Sri Chandrasekharendra Saraswathi Viswa Mahavidyalaya University (SCSVMV University)
This poster was presented at ICCRSD (2021) organized by SRM University (chennai)
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Abstract: (i) The inclusion complex of β-cyclodextrin (β-CD) with benzoguanamine (BGA) has been investigated in three states. UV-visible and fluorescence spectral techniques are used in the liquid state. FTIR, NMR, and MASS techniques are used in solid state and virtual state studies are done by molecular simulation work.
(ii) The binding constants for the formation of the 1:1 BGA: β-CD inclusion complex are estimated by UV-visible and fluorescence spectral techniques.
(iii) The chemosensory ability of the BGA: β-CD complex was investigated thoroughly for various metal cations and we found the complex detects Ce4+ with 8 fold emission enhancement. The chemosensor BGA: β-CD complex performs with the linearity range of 1000-2000 μM, LOD of 671 μM and LOQ of 2034 μM.
Summary: In summary the BGA: β-CD inclusion complex was characterized and confirmed in solid, liquid, and virtual states using various analytical and theoretical techniques. The chemosensing behavior of the BGA: β-CD complex was carried out using fluorescence spectroscopy and its shows good sensing towards Ce4+ ion.
References: 1. K. Sivakumar et. al., J. of Molecular Liquids 323 (2021)
2. K. Sivakumar et. al., Research on Chemical Intermediates. 44 (2018) 5301–5327
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