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Cell Proliferation Assay via DNA Synthesis
Poster Title: Cell Proliferation Assay via DNA Synthesis
Submitted on 11 Feb 2022
Author(s): Creative Bioarray
Affiliations: Creative Bioarray
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Abstract: There are several kinds of cell proliferation assays to determine cell proliferation, which could be used as a prognostic and diagnostic tool in certain cancers. Most of these assays are based on the quantification of DNA levels or synthesis, cellular metabolism, or proliferation-specific proteins to assess the extent of cell proliferation. DNA synthesis is a very popular and widely used method to study cell proliferation.Summary: To evaluate cell proliferation through quantification of newly synthesized DNA has many advantages including accuracy and high reliability. This method allows the microscope-based image analysis for selectively measuring DNA contents and high-resolution data which enables the high throughput analysis of the results.References: abuse »
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