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Cell Viability
Poster Title: Cell Viability
Submitted on 17 Nov 2021
Author(s): Hannah Cole
Affiliations: Creative Bioarray
This poster was presented at creative bioarray
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Abstract: Cell viability analyses are crucial for evaluation of cell health and compound toxicity. Cell viability is measured by determining the number of living and dead cells in a total cell sample. An increase in cell viability is accompanied by cell growth, while a decrease in cell viability can indicate the toxic effects of compounds or suboptimal culture conditions. Creative Bioarray offers a wide selection of cell viability assays for drug screening and cytotoxicity tests of chemicals.
Summary: Cell viability can be detected based on many different parameters: the redox potential of the cell population, the integrity of cell membranes, or the activity of cellular enzymes such as esterases. Each assay provides a different snapshot of cell health, and can individually or together form the basis of an assay for cell viability, cytotoxicity, or drug efficacy with several integrated components.Report abuse »
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