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Centralized Stability Integration Program
Poster Title: Centralized Stability Integration Program
Submitted on 11 May 2021
Author(s): Business Development Team
This poster was presented at Stabicon
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Abstract: Based on such result the shelf life of the product is decided. Such data also proves useful for product development. The conditions of tests can be modified to include accelerated studies. #Stabicon stability integration process management strives to improve processes and align the needs of regulatory with customer objectives on quality product pipelines. This gives businesses visibility and flexibility, making them more efficient and innovative. Summary: #Stability studies play a vital role in estimation of shelf lie of a product under controlled environment conditions such as humidity, temperature, exposure to light etc. The product is exposed to the defined conditions for the required time in stability chambers and important parameters such as concentration, active ingredient, appearance, colour change, growth of moulds or bacteria, etc are recorded at defined intervals. References:;
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