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Characterizing a Nasal Spray Formulation from Droplet to API Particle size
Poster Title: Characterizing a Nasal Spray Formulation from Droplet to API Particle size
Submitted on 19 Dec 2013
Author(s): D Huck, P Kippax, A Virden and Carl Levoguer
Affiliations: Malvern Instruments
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Abstract: This poster describes fully automated, complimentary techniques for measuring droplet size and carrying out a detailed study of spray dynamics (the Spraytec, Malvern Instruments), and identifying and measuring the API particle size distribution (the Morphologi G3-ID, Malvern Instruments). These have been applied in understanding the output of a commercially available device.
Summary: Interaction of a nasal spray product with the patients’ body depends on key variables such as the particle size of the delivered droplets and the suspended active pharmaceutical ingredient (API). The particle size of the drug can be an important parameter for the rate of dissolution and availability to sites of action within the nose.
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