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Chemokine Signaling Pathway
Poster Title: Chemokine Signaling Pathway
Submitted on 30 Oct 2020
Author(s): Creative BioMart
Affiliations: Creative BioMart
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Abstract: Chemokines are defined by their primary amino acid sequence and the arrangement of specific structurally important cysteine residues within the mature protein. Variation in the precise configuration of the two cysteines closest to the N terminus allows chemokines to be split into four subfamilies: CC, CXC, CX3C, and XC. In CC chemokines, these cysteines are directly juxtaposed, while CXC chemokines have a single variable amino acid between them. The sole CX3C chemokine has three amino acids between these two cysteines, while XC chemokines, of which there are two forms in humans and one in mice, lack the first and the third cysteines of the motif.Summary: Chemokines are small proteins, usually ~70–80 amino acid residues, with conserved sequence and structural features and expressed in tissues during normal immune surveillance or in response to injury or infection.References: abuse »
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