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ChemoSoft: a new chemometric software for non-chemometricians
Poster Title: ChemoSoft: a new chemometric software for non-chemometricians
Submitted on 05 Mar 2014
Author(s): Christophe B.Y. Cordella
Affiliations: UMR1145 INRA/AgroParisTech
This poster was presented at Pittcon 2014
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Poster Information
Abstract: ChemoSoft® allows an easily extraction of the relevant information from data. Its philosophy is different from the usual commercial software. It starts from the goal toward the adequate tool. With ChemoSoft®, user is facing treatment goals and not faced with a multitude of tools that are not always easy to understand. The user has to wonder "I want to see how my data is organized" or "Are there classes or groups in my data? » or «I need for a calibration model for measuring the amount of X in the product A, how doing?" Or simply, the user needs for easily represent spectral or physicochemical data. ChemoSoft® guides the user in his goal of processing and displaying by proposing the right tools.
ChemoSoft is a software data processing; it is a partner in learning the tools of chemometrics. It offers a detailed description of the tools available, some examples of chemometric treatments, online chemometrics courses, bibliographic resources and links to the main sites of chemometrics.

Summary: Professional applications such as those provide by some software editors and free downloadable toolboxes developed for Matlab®, R, Octave or Scilab propose many computation tools. But, to our best knowledge, very few are usable by neophytes or anyone that are not skilled with chemometrics or statistics. ChemoSoft is the first chemometric software designed for non-chemometricians.References: [1] D. Bertrand, B.Y. Cordella, SAISIR package. Free toolbox for chemometrics in the Matlab, Octave or Scilab environments. Available at, 2011.
[2] C.B.Y. Cordella, D. Bertrand, SAISIR: A new general chemometric toolbox, Trends in Analytical Chemistry, 2014, 54, 75-82.
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