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Chipcytometry: Long-term Sample Storage and Re-Interrogation in Clinical Trial Support
Poster Title: Chipcytometry: Long-term Sample Storage and Re-Interrogation in Clinical Trial Support
Submitted on 06 Nov 2019
Author(s): Jon Waterman-Smith, Anja Mirenska
Affiliations: Canopy Biosciences
This poster was presented at ELRIG Drug Discovery 2019
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Abstract: Cytometry is a platform for analyzing cellular heterogeneity in clinical studies. Flow cytometry samples often have to be run in real-time, making careful planning ahead of the study crucial: the staining protocol has to be established, sample stability ensured and data acquisition and analysis standardized across multiple laboratories.

A platform cross-comparison between Canopy fully-automated Chipcytometry instrument CYTOBOT and BD FACSCanto II was performed on samples at time point 0.
Summary: Chipcytometry is an image-based cytometric system that has been designed as an alternative platform to overcome those limitations of flow cytometry. References: 1. Hennig C, et al. Cytometry A. 2009; 75(4): 362-70.
2. O’Hara DM, et al. J Immunol Methods. 2011; 363(2): 120-34.
3. R Core Team. 2018.
4. Wood B, et al. Cytometry B. 2013; 84(5): 315-23.
5. Detmers J, Poster at EBF Barcelona 2018
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