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Circular Dichroism - Molecular Structure Analysis
Poster Title: Circular Dichroism - Molecular Structure Analysis
Submitted on 28 Jan 2021
Author(s): Creative Proteomics
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Abstract: A chiral substance can rotate its polarization plan when plane-polarized light passes through it. This phenomenon is called optical rotation. Here is the reason for the optical rotation: when the left-handed light and the right-handed light that make up the plane polarized light propagate through a chiral material, their refractive indices are dierent (nR≠nL). Therefore, the propagation speed of the circularly polarized light in the two directions in the chiral material is dierent (vR≠vL), which leads to the rotation of the polarization plane.
Summary: Circular dichroism is a technique that analyzes the molecular structure using the dierent absorption of circular polarized light by asymmetric molecules. Here are two commonly used circular dichroism techniques: electronic circular dichroism and vibrating circular dichroism.
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