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Clinical pattern in electrophysiological variants of acute acquired polyneuropathies and their clinical outcome, a three years data
Poster Title: Clinical pattern in electrophysiological variants of acute acquired polyneuropathies and their clinical outcome, a three years data
Submitted on 02 Jun 2019
Author(s): Naseebullah, Salman Mansoor, Azhar Saeed
Affiliations: Shifa International Hospital Islamabad
This poster was presented at International Congress of Interventional Neurology
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Over a 3 years period, 28 patients with a diagnosis of GBS were reviewed, 12 were excluded due to incomplete data. Age ranged from 7 to 70 years (mean 41.4 yrs). Thirteen were males. Presentation was within 2-17 days of onset, and shortest in AMAN & AMSAN groups. Reflexes were preserved initially in nine patients, mostly AIDP. Assisted ventilation was required in two (12.5%) patients of AMAN group, on day 2-4, for 4-8 days while tracheostomy was done in 3 ( 18.75%) patients. Nerve conduction studies showed predominantly acute motor axonal changes in 7(43.75%), predominantly demyelinating changes in 4(25%), motor sensory neuropathy in 5(25%) patients. Six patients received IVIG, 10 patients received plasma exchange in standard doses.
Twelve (75%) patients recovered fully over six months and 4(31.25% ) patients with AMAN recovered with slight residual disability, like foot drop.
No relapses, mortalities and progression towards CIDP was noted.
Summary: We reviewed the charts of all patients diagnosed with GBS. A standard structured questionnaire was completed for each patient. Erasmus GBS outcome scale was used for disability scoring.References: Patients with AMAN and AMSAN had shortest periods of onset before presentation, comparatively rapid progression of weakness, early areflexia, more frequently required ventilatory support, while residual disability was also noted in AMAN group. Presentation in AMAN group was at younger age and dysautonomia was more frequent.
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