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CLOSE OR OPEN MRI? A focused management appointment journey for scanxious and corpulent inpatients from your ward to us
Poster Title: CLOSE OR OPEN MRI? A focused management appointment journey for scanxious and corpulent inpatients from your ward to us
Submitted on 07 Nov 2019
Author(s): Apollo Exconde
Affiliations: InHealth Ltd - Croydon University Hospital
This poster was presented at UKIO 2019
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Poster Information
Abstract: “Close or Open MRI? – a focused management appointment journey for scanxious and corpulent inpatients from your ward to us.”

Presently, examinations are requested online and the usual information are displayed with little to no data are given regarding mobility, metallic implants and mental capacity etc. Due to the increase of demand this may lead to subjects such as unpredictable/unexpected encounters. Thus, to address and identify potential problem that may arise and be a cause of further clinical and radiological investigation, cancellation or delay before giving an anticipated appointment, a scheme was created to ensure that both inpatients and MRI staffs are prepared physically and emotionally.

A systematic approach of cross-examination for inpatients using a devised MRI pre-scan-questionnaire slip through telephone follow-up has been the norm to create a tailored, patient-centred approach from ward transition, choice of transport equipment, close or open MRI options from our three scanners, whereby then further categorised from either claustrophobic or their habitus grade and imaging protocol selection which depends on the clinical condition of the inpatient.

The content will be set out as display of charts and plans annotated to explain the stream. A meagre 2.69% cancellation was recorded between November 2016 to October 2017 and an increase of 3.72% for the following year. A success rate of 96.82% was projected for the last two years, with questions and approach being re-evaluated to cope up with the demands of every patient and has been ultimately proven over time for a smooth patient cycle journey.

Summary: The poster is a showcase of an inpatient's pathway before having a close or open MRI. Apart from metal implant screening, claustrophobia and body habitus will be considered prior to booking. References:

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