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Compliance of thyroid ultrasound reporting with British Thyroid Association 2014 guidelines: an audit of local practice
Poster Title: Compliance of thyroid ultrasound reporting with British Thyroid Association 2014 guidelines: an audit of local practice
Submitted on 16 Oct 2020
Author(s): Dr Mikesh Mistry, Dr Jozef lastik
Affiliations: NHS Dumfries and Galloway
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Abstract: Background:
Thyroid nodules are a common finding, with 4-7% of the adult population having a palpable nodule. The 2014 British Thyroid Association (BTA) guidelines state that all thyroid nodules found on ultrasound should be assigned a U-score and further investigation should be carried for all nodules graded U3 to U5.

To assess the compliance of thyroid ultrasound reporting with current guidelines.

Thyroid ultrasound reports from a district general hospital (DGH) over a 2 year period were retrospectively analysed to see if they contained firstly a U-score and secondly any recommendation for further investigation (if indicated).

A total of 166 ultrasound reports were included. A U-score was included in 64% of ultrasound reports. Of the 36% of reports that contained no U-score, 32% did not give a reason as to why they did not contain a U-score. Of the 53 ultrasound reports that contained a U-score of U3 to U5, a recommendation regarding further investigation was present in 75% of ultrasound reports.

Compared to the standards set by the BTA guidelines, this DGH has suboptimal compliance in both areas of thyroid USS reporting. Findings were presented locally to the radiology department, in a view to subsequently improve compliance rates with the 2014 BTA guidelines. Firstly, educational posters depicting thyroid nodule grades were displayed in the sonography rooms. Secondly, an online template for thyroid ultrasound reports was created for staff to use. Finally, a re-audit would occur in 12 months.
Summary: An audit looking at the compliance of thyroid ultrasound reporting with the 2014 British Thyroid Association (BTA) guidelines.References: Mehanna HM, Jain A, Morton RP, Watkinson J, Shaha A. Investigating the thyroid nodule. BMJ, 2009; 338: 705-709.
British Thyroid Association. Guidelines for the management of thyroid cancer. 3rd ed. Clinical Endocrinology. 2014; 81 (Suppl. 1): 1-122.
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