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Comprehensive and updated SNP content on Agilent
Poster Title: Comprehensive and updated SNP content on Agilent's CGH+SNP postnatal array platform enables improved LOH detection resolution
Submitted on 12 Apr 2016
Author(s): Jan Godoski2, Anindita Dutta1, David Lande1, Nick Sampas1, Magnus Isaksson1, Scott Happe3, Stephanie Fulmer-Smentek1 Agilent Technologies Inc., Diagnostics and Genomics Group, 1Santa Clara and 2La Jolla, California, 3
Affiliations: Agilent Technologies Inc.,Diagnostics and Genomics Group, 1Santa Clara and 2La Jolla, California, 3Cedar Creek, Texas USA
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Abstract: The Agilent CGH+SNP microarray platform allows for the simultaneous detection of both genome-wide copy number and copy-neutral loss of heterozygosity (cnLOH) aberrations on a single platform. Current Agilent CGH+SNP designs incorporate probes targeting ~60,000 unique SNPs, enabling cnLOH detection in regions of ~5-10 Mbp or larger, and copy number profiling based on CGH backbone probes spaced across the whole genome or targeted probes within relevant gene regions. Below we describe an update to the Agilent CGH+SNP microarrays to both improve LOH resolution and to further optimize CGH probe selection for better targeting of copy number aberration detectionSummary: This poster highlights the ability to detect single-exon copy number aberrations in genes and regions relevant to post-natal research, demonstrating the power of focused CGH probe design.References: 1. McVean et Al, Nature 491, 56-65 (01 November 2012)Report abuse »
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