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Condensation Organocatalysts
Poster Title: Condensation Organocatalysts
Submitted on 15 Nov 2022
Author(s): Tylor
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Abstract: Applications of condensation organocatalysts:
Catalytic Aldol condensation
Catalytic Claisen condensation reaction
Catalytic Perkin condensation reaction
Catalytic Benzoin condensation reaction
Catalytic Knoevenagel condensation reaction
Summary: The condensed organic reaction is a reaction in which two or more organic molecules interact to form a macromolecule by covalent bonding, often accompanied by a loss of small molecules (such as water, hydrogen chloride, and alcohol.) An organocatalyst capable of catalyzing a condensation organic reaction is called condensation organocatalyst.References: Li Yezhi, Huang Huamin. (1989) “Ferric sulfate catalyzes the condensation reaction of cyclohexanone and acetal (ketone) reaction.” Journal of Jilin University. 20,349-354.
Chen Xuewei, Li Xuehui, Song Hongbing et al. (2008) “Synthesis of imidazolium anion basic ionic liquid and its catalytic Knoevenagel condensation reaction”. Journal of Catalysis.37,9-14.
Zhang Fan, Xu Danqian, Liu Baoyou et al. (2005)”Broensted acidic ionic liquid catalyzes the condensation reaction of aldehydes (ketones) with glycols.” Journal of Catalysis. 156,1336-1342.
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