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Cosmetics Quality and Safety Testing Technology
Poster Title: Cosmetics Quality and Safety Testing Technology
Submitted on 02 Jul 2021
Author(s): Tylor Keller
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Abstract: In recent years, the emerging ion mobility spectrum overcomes the above shortcomings of the traditional chromatography-mass spectrometry technology, does not need complex sample pretreatment process, and the analysis speed is fast, which belongs to the environment-friendly analysis technology. At the same time, the equipment is small and easy to carry, which makes the real-time detection on site possible. As people pay more and more attention to the concept of healthy consumption, it can be predicted that rapid, sensitive, high-throughput, low-cost and environment-friendly analysis and testing methods will become an important development direction of cosmetic quality and safety testing technology in the future.Summary: To sum up, there are a variety of extraction and purification technologies available in the process of cosmetic pretreatment. According to the literature reports in the past decade, ultrasound-assisted extraction has become the most widely used extraction technology because of its high efficiency, easy operation and universality in the extraction of restricted substances in cosmetics. However, according to actual requirements, continuous operation is required if the sample processing volume is lReferences: abuse »
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