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Cosmetics Quality and Safety Testing Technology
Poster Title: Cosmetics Quality and Safety Testing Technology
Submitted on 03 Oct 2021
Author(s): Tylor Keller
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Abstract: The issue of cosmetics quality and safety has always been the focus of public attention. Many well-known brands of cosmetics have successively detected banned or restricted substances. This has not only harmed consumers' rights, but has also caused significant economic losses to cosmetics companies. In order to reduce or avoid the emergence of cosmetic quality and safety incidents, researchers have adopted a variety of analytical testing techniques to establish a series of detection methods for chemical risk substances in cosmetics. Summary: This white paper summarizes the research progress of important academic journals in the field of cosmetic quality and safety testing technology in recent years, and introduces representative new technologies for cosmetic testing. It aims to provide theoretical support and technical reference for researchers in the field of cosmetics testing.References: abuse »
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