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Crowd-sourcing Coral Reef Visualization - The ARRAS Experience
Poster Title: Crowd-sourcing Coral Reef Visualization - The ARRAS Experience
Submitted on 27 Jun 2016
Author(s): Marioor Soriano
Affiliations: National Institute of Physics, University of the Philippines
This poster was presented at International Coral Reef Symposium, Honolulu, Hawaii
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Poster Information
Abstract: The Automated Rapid Reef Assessment System (ARRAS) was a Philippine Government-funded research project which began in 2010 to develop low-cost tools and software to create permanent visual records of the sea floor at a fast rate. Four years on since we introduced an ARRAS platform so that coral reef visualization can be crowd-sourced (Teardrop ICRS 2012) we report our experience in deploying the tools as well as the feedback from local governments, schools, and regional environment and natural resources offices to whom the system was donated to. Their feedback led us to develop newer technologies such as towed platforms that can image shallow, wide or deep corals, software that can stitch high definition videos from multiple cameras, and calibration techniques to estimate coral sizes from video mosaics. Together with local partners all around the Philippines we have captured nearly 1000km of coastline around the archipelago, 1/10th of the estimated 10000km of coastline with reefs. The collected and processed data has been used for coral cover assessment, change detection, automatic classification studies and site selection.Summary: We report the result of deploying easy-to-use and affordable tools to 28 beneficiaries around the Philippines. The result is from 2011 to 2016 we have made more than 1000km permanent visual records of reefs around the Philippines.Report abuse »
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