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Cyclodextrin (β-CD) Inclusion Complex
Poster Title: Cyclodextrin (β-CD) Inclusion Complex
Submitted on 22 Jun 2022
Author(s): Helen
Affiliations: CD Formulation
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Abstract: Because the cyclodextrin cavity is a hydrophobic region, the non-polar lipid-soluble drug is easy to enter and is included, and the formed inclusion complex is less soluble: polar The drug can be embedded in the hydrophilic region of the cavity opening. The formed inclusion complex has high solubility. Hydrophobic drugs are easier to be included, and non-dissociated drugs are easier to be included than dissociated drugs. Self-associative drugs often disassociate first and then embed into cyclodextrin cavities.Summary: After the poorly soluble drug forms an inclusion complex with β-CD, the drug molecule is contained in the β-CD molecule cavity, which has a high degree of dispersion. Or the powdering of liquid drugs increases the solubility of insoluble drugs and improves the bioavailability of drugs.References: abuse »
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