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Deep Vein Thrombosis in urban Urgent care Centre  in COVID-19 Panedemic
Poster Title: Deep Vein Thrombosis in urban Urgent care Centre in COVID-19 Panedemic
Submitted on 21 Feb 2022
Author(s): Dr Awais Iqbal , Dr Thomas Mathew, Dr Tom Jose, Dr Ayotunde Oguntade, Dr Kashif Shakeel, Dr Atif Mukhtar
Affiliations: GTD Healthcare
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Poster Information
Abstract: A deep vein thrombosis (DVT) requires immediate diagnosis and treatment to prevent serious consequences. Using a standard outpatient investigations and treatment pathway will reduce the number of patients requiring Urgent Care Centre visits. In the UK up to one in every 1,000 people are affected by venous thrombosis each year. The Mortality of untreated deep venous thrombosis (DVT) is between 1 and 5%.Summary: We conducted a quality improvement audit to evaluate the changing dynamics of suspected DVT in COVID-19 Pandemic in an urban urgent care facility.References: 1-NICE Guidelines: Venous thromboembolic diseases: diagnosis, management and thrombophilia testing NICE guideline [NG158]Published: 26 March 2020.
2- Wells, P.S., Anderson, D.R., Rodger, M., Forgie, M., Kearon, C., Dreyer, J., Kovacs, G.,
Mitchell, M., Lewandowski, B. & Kovacs, M.J. (2003) Evaluation of D-dimer in the diagnosis
of suspected deep-vein thrombosis. N Engl J Med, 349, 1227-1235
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