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Detection Method of Adulteration of Edible Oil
Poster Title: Detection Method of Adulteration of Edible Oil
Submitted on 02 Jul 2021
Author(s): Tylor Keller
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Abstract: The detection of edible oil is a relatively complex work, which can be used to detect the proportion of different types of edible oil and other data in time. It is of great significance to improve the detection quality.Summary: Physical and chemical detection method for adulteration of edible oil

When checking whether the cooking oil is doped with a certain amount of mineral oil, the saponification method is mainly used. The detection principle is that when the mineral oil encounters alkali, it can not be saponified, so the solution still has relatively obvious stratification. When alkali is added to the edible oil, the vegetable oil will appear more serious saponification phenomenon, and then mi
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