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Detection Technologies of Real and Fake Honey
Poster Title: Detection Technologies of Real and Fake Honey
Submitted on 27 May 2021
Author(s): Tylor Keller
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Abstract: At present, the main ways to adulterate honey are as follows: (1) to adulterate honey with cheap sugar substances such as starch, artificial fructose syrup, high fructose syrup, maltose syrup and sucrose water, or directly use maltose and syrup to pretend honey. (2) Add pigment and flavor to honey or directly use saccharin, essence, pigment and other additives to make artificial honey, and use thickener to increase the concentration of fake honey. (3) Boil fake honey with white sugar and water and various auxiliary materials and additives such as sulfuric acid and alum.Summary: Honey is a very famous health-care product. However, the production market and sales market of honey are in chaos, and there is often a phenomenon of substandard and fake honey. References: abuse »
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