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Development of a Microfluidic Device for Sperm Movement
Poster Title: Development of a Microfluidic Device for Sperm Movement
Submitted on 05 Feb 2015
Author(s): Shweta Bhagwat (b), Vibha Jayaraj* (b), Priyanka Parte (a), Sameer Jadhav (b)
Affiliations: National Institute for Research in Reproductive Health (a), Indian Institute of Technology Bombay India (b)
This poster was presented at Microfluidics and Lab-on-a-Chip India
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Abstract: Sperm motility is the ability of the sperm to move properly towards the egg. This was first measured manually under the microscope. Later on automated systems such as CASA (Computer Assisted Sperm Analyzer) were generated that gave a detailed analysis of all the motility parameters. Still there was a need for better devices that could enhance sperm motility for Invitro fertilization and also allow us to measure sperm chemotaxis. Sperm chemotaxis is a form of chemical guidance in which spermatozoa follow a concentration gradient of the chemoattractant secreted from the oocyte. Zigmond chamber and Dunn chamber were earlier used for studying chemotaxis but the gradient eventually decayed over a period of time. Thus there was a need for well-designed microfluidic devices. Over the years many devices have been designed on the basis of the requirements of end users. We have specifically designed this device in virtue of studying sperm chemotaxis and testing of different chemicals as a source of chemoattractants.Summary: We show the design of a device for studying sperm chemotaxis and the testing of different chemicals as a source of chemoattractants.Report abuse »
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