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Diagnostic Approach Of Malignant Lesions In The Jaws
Poster Title: Diagnostic Approach Of Malignant Lesions In The Jaws
Submitted on 22 Feb 2019
Author(s): Safaa Mohamed El-Baz
Affiliations: The British University in Egypt
This poster was presented at The Scientific Day in Oral Pathology Department, Cairo University
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Poster Information
Abstract: Although the typical appearance of the periphery of malignant lesions in the jaws are ill-defined borders with lack of cortication and absence of encapsulation, some malignancies may have well-defined borders. Actually, imaging alone will not provide a specific diagnosis, otherwise it should help narrow the differential diagnosis. Eventually, malignant lesions are impossible to differentiate without biopsy which is very helpful to reach the final diagnosis.
In the light of this, in this poster we attempt first to design a schematic approach to the malignant lesions occurring in the jaws based on the radiographic data to interpret the differential diagnosis, thenafter, how to reach to the final diagnosis based on the histopathological data.
Summary: The radiographic and histopathological approach of malignant jaw lesions.Report abuse »
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