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Poster Title: Digiceuticals
Submitted on 11 Jun 2019
Author(s): Helana Lutfi and Shaban Nuredini
This poster was presented at Deggendorf Institute of Technology
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Abstract: Germany's elderly population continues to grow, the demand for long term care institutions and the care costs will increase relatively and this in turn would increase the admission of elderly to nursing homes thereby placing a great strain on the country’s economy system. Improving quality of life is one of the main goals of integrating new innovations into medicine. Therefore, healthcare technologies have been seen as a major reason for reducing health care costs and enhancing the ability of patients to engage with their healthcare information at any time and any location. Prior studies have revealed significant reductions in the dosages of antidiabetic medications for patients who adopt healthier lifestyle habits through combining support mechanisms such as behaviour change theories into electronic and mobile devices as a method to transmit or receive health information could potentially lead to changes in knowledge, motivation and self-efficacy. Following an emerging trend known as digital therapeutics or digiceuticals. A digital therapeutic is an intervention based on software as the key ingredient, which has direct impact on a disease but without the same side effects. Thus, this study aims to provide a systematic review on the potential benefits of digital therapeutics compared to drugs among elderly people presenting with type-2 diabetes.Summary: Digital therapeutics: commonly referred to as Digiceuticals is a health discipline and treatment option that utilizes digital and often online technologies to treat a medical or psychological condition. The treatment relies on behavioral and lifestyle change, the data can be collected and analyzed as both a progress report and a preventative measure.
Diabetes and obesity management is a major focus in the field of digital therapeutics.
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