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Digital Dispensing for Direct Dilution: New Flexibility in Dose-Response Analyses
Poster Title: Digital Dispensing for Direct Dilution: New Flexibility in Dose-Response Analyses
Submitted on 20 Dec 2013
Author(s): Jeff Nielsen, Ken Ward, Christie Dudenhoefer, David Ochs, Joshua Yu, and Kevin
Affiliations: Tecan Group
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Abstract: HP has been the worldwide leader in inkjet technology for 25 years with HP printers reliably dispensing billions of picoliter droplets per day. The HP T8 Dispensehead is built on a silicon wafer using HP inkjet photolithography to enable precise, accurate drop generation and placement. The single-use dispensehead utilizes 22 high-frequency nozzles so that picoliter to microliter volumes are dispensed in under a second.

Direct dilution using HP picoliter digital dispensing technology was shown to be a replacement for serial dilution. Compound usage can be reduced by 90%, while reliability and speed are improved with simplified workflows. Non-contact dispensing of droplets directly into assay wells make it practical to routinely perform drug-drug interaction experiments.

This non-contact digital dispensing system frees the researcher from the constraints of analog-based dispensing methodologies, enabling complicated experiments that have not been practical with manual or robotic serial dilution methods.
Summary: In addition to the economic advantages of improving speed, precision, compound usage and waste, digital dispensing offers scientific advantages. This includes making the execution of complicated experiments easy and fast.Report abuse »
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