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Discrepancy meetings for the non-radiologist
Poster Title: Discrepancy meetings for the non-radiologist
Submitted on 07 Nov 2019
Author(s): Ravindran Karthigan, Argha Datta, Safa Bilal Aykac, Sagar Kulkarni,Pedro Santos Jorge
Affiliations: Guys and St Thomas' NHS foundation trust
This poster was presented at BIR ASM
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Poster Information
Abstract: A post conference survey found that 95% of delegates found it useful and 100% of delegates learnt new useful information. The majority of delegates agree that radiology is taught poorly at medical school level as well as post qualification. A large number of delegates were keen on making their own local non radiology discrepancy meeting so that they can continue learn from one another.
Summary: We feel that radiology trainees should help facilitate the attitude of learning from discrepancies to their fellow non-radiology colleagues by informally running a similar course at their base hospital.

References: References

Figure 1 - (2019). [online] Available at: [Accessed 27 Sep. 2019].
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