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Division III Athletics Fundraising Practices: Opinions of Athletics Directors
Poster Title: Division III Athletics Fundraising Practices: Opinions of Athletics Directors
Submitted on 06 Dec 2018
Author(s): Janelle Zamierowski (Lawton)
Affiliations: Independent Study
This poster was presented at Springfield College
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Poster Information
Abstract: The intent of the researcher was to determine the relationship between private and public Division III athletics fundraising practices. Participants completed a questionnaire regarding current opinions of fundraising practices. Mann-Whitney U analyses were conducted to analyze public and private institutions differences regarding level of agreement of fundraising practices. The ADs opinion to the current fundraising practices was the dependent variable. For all questions related to level of agreement for fundraising practices, no significant differences existed between public and private DIII institutions. There was no significant difference between ADs of public institutions and private institutions with contentedness of the current athletic fundraising practices (p = .091). Other determining factors and future research consideration are discussed based on the results of the study.Summary: Division III Athletics Fundraising Practices: Opinions of Athletics Directors
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