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DNA-based Testing Based on htDNA-chip®
Poster Title: DNA-based Testing Based on htDNA-chip®
Submitted on 10 Jan 2022
Author(s): Matt Mills
Affiliations: CD BioSciences
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Abstract: The results of genetic testing can be used to analyze the types of genes contained in an individual to determine whether the gene is defective and whether the gene expression function is normal. Through genetic testing, people can know their own genetic information, determine the cause of a disease, or predict the risk of a certain disease. Genetic testing can diagnose diseases and can also be used to predict disease risks. There are three general methods of genetic testing.Summary: For most genetic testing processes, the htDNA-chip® technology platform can provide high-throughput next-generation sequencing, which greatly shortens the sequencing time of genes. htDNA-chip® can realize the output of sequencing results within a few minutes, which greatly promotes the application of genetic testing in medical treatment. Compared with low-throughput and inaccurate sequencing, htDNA-chip® has obvious advantages.

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