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dragonfly® crystal: an ideal solution to problematic liquids in screening environments
Poster Title: dragonfly® crystal: an ideal solution to problematic liquids in screening environments
Submitted on 10 Jan 2020
Author(s): Joby Jenkins, Gillian Lewis
Affiliations: SPT Labtech, Melbourn Science Park, Melbourn, Royston, Herts, SG8 6HB, UK
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Abstract: The accurate pipetting of viscous liquids and cross-contamination between wells can be highly problematic when using conventional pipetting technologies, such as air displacement pipetting.

The dragonfly® crystal positive displacement liquid handling instrument eliminates these issues and can be used to optimise assays and formulations in a wide variety of application areas including drug discovery, biotechnology,
clinical and food industries.

Very high or very low viscous solutions, such as 100% glycerol, PEGs, alcohols, or detergent solutions, including thixotropic non-Newtonian ones, are easily pipetted with very high accuracy and precision. Liquids are dispensed via a non-contact unique dispensing technology to ensure there is zero cross-contamination between wells and the disposable tips eliminate cross-contamination between samples.
Summary: Our work demonstrates:

• dragonfly crystal’s ability to pipette difficult liquids that often cause blocking and contamination in an optimisation study

• the dragonfly crystal liquid handler is valuable to the discovery workbench, eliminating the tedium of complicated microplate set-ups while maintaining
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