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EDXRF Method for Ultralow Level Sulfur in Gasoline Analysis to Comply with US EPA Tier 3 Ruling
Poster Title: EDXRF Method for Ultralow Level Sulfur in Gasoline Analysis to Comply with US EPA Tier 3 Ruling
Submitted on 10 Mar 2015
Author(s): Kim Russell
Affiliations: HORIBA Scientific, Irvine, CA USA
This poster was presented at Pittcon 2015, X-ray Analysis Session
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Abstract: US EPA’s Tier 3 Ruling reduces allowed sulfur concentrations in gasoline from an average of 30mg/kg to an average of 10mg/kg, beginning in 2017. Refiners, importers and biofuel blenders of gasoline will be required to perform sulfur analysis at these ultra-low levels to report compliance throughout the supply chain. The Ruling also enacted use of a PBMS (Performance Based Measurement System) approach to allow reporting laboratories new flexibility regarding the sulfur test method they may use. Use of consensus group (e.g. ASTM) standardized test methods and mandatory quality control practices validate adequate measurement quality.

The objective of this project is to demonstrate that the recently revised ASTM D7220 sulfur test method initially used for EPA’s 2006 Diesel Ruling which reduced allowed sulfur concentration down to 15PPM can also be utilized to meet EPA’s Tier 3 Ruling. D7220 takes advantage of monochromatic EDXRF to reduce background radiation interference and produce a single energy of excitation for sulfur.
Summary: Explanation of how a modified version of ASTM method D7220 for ULSD complies with all EPA Performance Based Measurement System (PBMS) requirements of ULSG for sulfur levels at and below 3mg/kg, well within the Tier 3 Ruling.References: Report abuse »
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