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Electrical Fusion Machine - New electrical fusion system for x-ray fluorescence analysis
Poster Title: Electrical Fusion Machine - New electrical fusion system for x-ray fluorescence analysis
Submitted on 26 Mar 2015
Author(s): Dr. Rainer Schramm, FLUXANA GmbH & Co. KG; Prof. Marie-Louise Klotz, Hochschule Rhein-Waal, Dr. Myint Myint Sein, Hochschule Rhein-Waal
Affiliations: FLUXANA GmbH & Co. KG
This poster was presented at Pittcon 2015
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Poster Information
Abstract: In x-ray fluorescence analysis (xrf) sample preparation is an important step of the analysis procedure. For the determination of main components very often borate fusion is used. So far there are several gas and electrical fusion systems in the market.

We have now developed a new automatic electrical furnace which overcomes the well known problems and disadvantages of systems based on muffle furnaces.

The design represents a lift bottom oven where the door is the bottom and might be opened using a lift for loading the sample. The crucible containing the sample and the mould are held by a rack which is placed by an autosampler on the lift. The homogenization of the sample inside the furnace is solved by turning the bottom from outside with a motor bidirectional.

The casting function is overtaken by the autosampler while the rack with the crucible is unloaded from the furnace.

The new system shows excellent precision and accuracy for all elements typically analyzed in oxidic materials like cements, gypsum, sands, iron ores, clays, geological samples etc.

The closed design helps also to avoid the loss of volatile elements like sulfur, fluorine and chlorine.
Summary: This poster describes sample preparation in x-ray fluorescence analysis using the Electrical Fusion Machine by FLUXANA.References: www.fluxana.comReport abuse »
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