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Enhanced method development capabilities with automated SPME extraction optimization
Poster Title: Enhanced method development capabilities with automated SPME extraction optimization
Submitted on 13 Jun 2013
Author(s): Roger Pearson1; Douglas Doster1; Ken Rice1; Scott Klasen1; Tom Flug2; Guenter Boehm2
Affiliations: 1Aspen Research Corporation, Maple Grove, MN; 2CTC Analytics, Zwingen, Switzerland
This poster was presented at ASMS 2013
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Abstract: • SPME (solid phase micro extraction; s. ref 1) is an analyte enrichment method commonly used for the analysis of gaseous or liquid samples in conjunction with gas chromatography/mass spectrometry.

• An important part of method optimization is the selection of the appropriate fiber. This normally requires the manual changing of fibers. In practice, little fiber optimization work is actually done and most methods used rely on analyst experience.

• A new type of robotic sample handler allows for the automatic change of tools. This opens the possibility for the automated selection of the best suited SPME fiber as well as the optimization of key process parameters.
Summary: A workflow has been described enabling the automated selection of the most suitable extraction conditions (type of fiber, extraction time and temperature) for the GC/MS analysis of a number of contaminants in oil and water samples.
Applying the automated workflow described above the total time to identify the most suitable fiber and then optimize conditions was 4.5 days. Compared to performing the experiments manually which is estimated at 15 days this represents of time saving of 10 days.
References: Arthur, C. L.; Pawliszyn, J. Anal. Chem. 1990, 62, 2145-2148Report abuse »
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