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Enzymatic fragmentation vs sonication for the production of cfDNA reference standards for liquid biopsy assays
Poster Title: Enzymatic fragmentation vs sonication for the production of cfDNA reference standards for liquid biopsy assays
Submitted on 24 Oct 2018
Author(s): A. Mele, H. Child, K. Wilczynska, C. Paar, J. Wickenden
Affiliations: Horizon Discovery Group
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Abstract: With new cfDNA NGS assays being able to detect variants from as little as 2-10ng DNA, assay validation to ensure sufficient accuracy has never been so critical. Reference materials that closely mimic real cfDNA samples are essential to support this effort. Here we present results from a comparative study into the production of cfDNA reference standards, assessing enzymatic fragmentation compared to fragmentation by sonication, and the benefit of including a size selection step.Summary: Liquid biopsies hold great promise to revolutionise the field of clinical oncology testing. cfDNA can be extracted from a routine patient blood sample and used to determine the genetic profile of a solid tumour located elsewhere within the body. This facilitates more informative disease management for the clinician, without the need for invasive surgery for the patient. Report abuse »
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