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Enzymes and Photometers
Poster Title: Enzymes and Photometers
Submitted on 07 Mar 2016
Author(s): W.H. Campbell, E.R. Campbell, D.A. Squires, J. Walbeck, W. Ashbaugh, A. Davidson, B.T. Wittbrodt, J.M. Pearce
Affiliations: NECi Superior Enzymes, Michigan Technological University
This poster was presented at Pittcon 2016 - Session 820 - Portable Instruments
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Poster Information
Abstract: NECi Superior Enzymes develops wet chemistry methods that replace metals and other chemicals with recombinant protein reagents. These protein reagents are produced in tightly controlled protein expression systems for lot-to-lot consistency and therefore can be regarded as any other reagent-grade chemical. NECi’s nitrate reductase enzyme reagents for nitrate quantification have been on the commercial market for over ten years[3]. Method validations for the nitrate reductase method include USGS, ASTM, and pending validations for the U.S. EPA Clean Water Act*, Safe Drinking Water Act* and Standard Methods*. NECi Superior Enzymes has since developed enzyme-based test methodologies for quantification of phosphate[2], and the research and development team is currently developing methods for the quantification of ethanol, glycerol, and galactose. The idea for this project was prompted by the lack of economical photometers compatible with standard 1ml cuvettes to provide quantitative data from the methods described above. *Pending MethodsSummary: Portable Dual Wavelength Photometers that Interface with Android Mobile Devices to Make Analytical Chemistry More Accessible to a Wide Range of UsersReferences: 1. Wittbrodt BT, Squires DA, Walbeck J, Campbell E, Campbell WH, Pearce JM (2015) Open-Source Photometric System for Enzymatic Nitrate Quantification. PLoS ONE 10(8): e0134989. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0134989
2. Campbell ER, Warsko K, Davidson A-M, Campbell, WH, (2015) Determination of phosphate in soil extracts in the field: A green chemistry enzymatic method. Methods X 2, pp211-218. doi:10.1016/j.mex.2015.04.003
3. Campbell WH, Song P, Barbier GG (2006) Nitrate reductase for nitrate analysis in water. Environmental Chemistry Letters 4(2) pp 69-73. doi:10.1007/s10311-006-0035-4
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