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Estimation of the lakes optical  water types from satellites
Poster Title: Estimation of the lakes optical water types from satellites' images
Submitted on 02 Jan 2018
Author(s): Kristi Uudeberg, Getter Põru, Ilmar Ansko, Ave Ansper, Martin Ligi
Affiliations: Tartu Observatory
This poster was presented at HIGHROC Science Conference
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Poster Information
Remote sensing is a powerful tool for regular monitoring of lakes and coastal zone. Under programme Copernicus European Space Agency have been launched new satellite sensors, which provides us spectral, spatial and temporal resolution to monitor optically complex waters. However the variation of lakes' water colour is large and standard products often fail.
Classification of optical water types helps to clarify relationships between different properties inside a certain class and quantify variation between the classes. Optical water types were statistically identified from in situ measurements. Classification shows, that different optical water type have different remote sensing reflectance spectrum and each water type is associated with a specific bio-optical condition. In this study, we also investigate how well it is possible to define different optical water types form the in situ measured reflectance spectra, from satellite images and from images with different atmosphere corrections.
Summary: Each optical water type has characteristic reflectance spectrum. From satellite images optical water type spatial and temporal variation is visible, but different atmospheric corrections don't give the same results. Report abuse »
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