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Evaluation of prmPASEF for multiplexed targeted proteomics.
Poster Title: Evaluation of prmPASEF for multiplexed targeted proteomics.
Submitted on 05 Oct 2021
Author(s): Antoine Lesur1, Jens Decker2, Sven Brehmer2, Pierre-Olivier Schmit3, François Bernardin1, Elisabeth Letellier5, and Gunnar Dittmar1
Affiliations: 1Luxembourg Institute of Health, Strassen, Luxembourg, 2Bruker Daltonik GmbH, Bremen, Germany 3Bruker Daltonics S.A., Wissembourg, France 5Department of Life Sciences and Medecine, University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg
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Abstract: •prm-PASEF takes advantage of the trapped ion mobility technology for the targeted proteomics analysis.
•The sensitivity and selectivity of the acquisition method is improved by the ion mobility filtering and time focusing effect that happens during a PASEF acquisition.
• The massive parallelization capacity of the prm- PASEF approach allow to increase the number of targeted compounds while leaving sensitivity untouched.
Summary: prm-PASEF is a new targeted acquisition method that fully exploits the multiplexing capability and the high resolution of the TIMS-TOF mass spectrometer. Multiple peptides can be sequentially measured from a single ion mobility scan without compromising the sensitivity. Report abuse »
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