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Exosome Proteomics Approaches
Poster Title: Exosome Proteomics Approaches
Submitted on 28 Jul 2022
Author(s): Creative Proteomics
Affiliations: Creative Proteomics
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Abstract: Based on advanced mass spectrometry platforms such as the Q Exactive Quadrupole Orbitrap and Agilent 6540 Q-TOF high-performance mass spectrometer, Creative Proteomics can provide customers with a one-stop shop for exosome proteomics, aiming to provide a comprehensive analysis of exosomes from a holistic perspective. Summary: Creative Proteomics provides professional and comprehensive exosome proteomics analysis to identify and quantify the proteins in the exosomes. In addition, we can also help you with biomarker discovery after interpreting proteomics data by powerful bioinformatics technique.References: abuse »
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