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Fascinating Coordination Complexes and Their Applications
Poster Title: Fascinating Coordination Complexes and Their Applications
Submitted on 14 Mar 2023
Author(s): Tylor
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Abstract: Coordination chemistry investigates the characteristics of coordination
compounds formed by the interaction between metal atoms or ions and
inorganic, organic ions or molecules, as well as their bonding, structure, reaction, classification, and preparation. These compounds possess a wealth of structural, physicochemical, and catalytic properties. Meanwhile, coordination compounds have long been concerned and researched for their applications in catalysis, supramolecular chemistry, magnetism, electrochemistry, nanoscience, energy materials, and biological applications. Here, we provide a brief overview of several common classes of complexes and their interesting applications.
Summary: Schiff base ligands can form complexes of varying stabilities with most metal ions., i.e., oxygen-donor ligands, nitrogen-donor ligands, sulfur-donor ligands, etc. Therefore, they are essential for the development of coordination chemistry. References: abuse »
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