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Fragment-Based Chemogenomics
Poster Title: Fragment-Based Chemogenomics
Submitted on 20 Dec 2013
Author(s): Chris de Graaf, Gerdien de Kloe, Henry Vischer, Mark Verheij, Saskia Nijmeijer, Azra Delic, David Maussang, Ken Chow, Anitha Shanmugham, Paul England, Rogier Smits, Rob Leurs and Iwan de Esch
Affiliations: IOTA Pharmaceuticals Ltd
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Poster Information
Abstract: The poster demonstrates the following: All screens have resulted in unique and novel fragment hits. The use of fragments in chemogenomics approaches results in higher resolution interaction fingerprints and leads to improved structural understanding and novel insights in ligand binding characteristics. These studies can support the design of novel ligands with specified activity profiles.
Summary: A proprietary and structurally diverse fragment library has been created and screened for a variety of Gprotein coupled receptors (GPCRs) and a number of other drug targets. The data allows for a fragment-based chemogenomics study to interrogate the interactions of GPCRs and their ligands.
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