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FuGENE SI: A novel and efficient siRNA transfection reagent with minimal cellular toxicity.
Poster Title: FuGENE SI: A novel and efficient siRNA transfection reagent with minimal cellular toxicity.
Submitted on 02 Jul 2021
Author(s): Tony Larsen, Douglas Grunwald, Chris Sherrill, and James Prudent
Affiliations: FuGENE Transfection (Fugent LLC)
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Abstract: FuGENE® SI provides researchers the following benefits when compared to other siRNA transfection reagents available:

-Improved gene silencing with lower siRNA amounts
-Decreased cellular toxicity
-Usage across a wide range of routine and difficult-to-transfect cell lines
-Quick and easy protocol
-Ability to co-transfect DNA
-Lower Costs

To demonstrate the utility and benefits of utilizing FuGENE® SI we present to you the following:

-Flexible and Rapid Transfection Protocol with FuGENE®SI: Allows researchers to seed cells and transfect the same day, perfect for high-throughput screening (HTS) applications
-FuGENE® SI Transfection reagent allows for highly efficient uptake of fluorescently labeled siRNAs
-Robust and gentle knockdown of overexpressed, green florescent protein in eukaryotic cell lines with minimal amounts of siRNAs delivered by FuGENE®SI
-Improved knockdown performance of FuGENE®SI vs. competitor reagent RNAiMax®in human breast cancer cell line
-Knockdown of endogenous FXYD1 in A549 with FuGENE® SI increases cell survival after treatment with antibody/drug conjugate (FXYD1/Cardiac Glycoside)
Summary: FuGENE SI is a novel, high-efficiency, non-toxic transfection reagent engineered for delivery of siRNA, miRNA, and other short RNAs into biologically relevant human and animal cells.Report abuse »
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