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Fundamentals of NGS Library Preparation
Poster Title: Fundamentals of NGS Library Preparation
Submitted on 02 Dec 2020
Author(s): Elisa Viering
Affiliations: Agilent
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Poster Information
Abstract: Library quality and sequencing data can be directly affected by low integrity or low concentration of starting material. Therefore. NGS library quality control (QC) is essential to the generation of successful sequencing results.
Agilent offers multiple solutions to provide reliable results for NGS QC for various types of NGS libraries, from short-read to long-read sequencing platforms, ChIPseq, RNA-seq and more.
Established quality metrics such as the DNA integrity number (DIN) and RNA integrity number equivalent (RINe), are often referenced in NGS protocols to classify sample integrity.
Summary: The poster describes the fundamentals of NGS library preparation and how poor quality starting material can affect sequencing data. Report abuse »
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