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Gene Mining Spinal and Dental Phenotypes of the Collaborative Cross
Poster Title: Gene Mining Spinal and Dental Phenotypes of the Collaborative Cross
Submitted on 10 Oct 2018
Author(s): Samuel Bennett, Eason Guo, Curtise Ng, Grant Morahan, Jennifer Tickner, Jiake Xu
Affiliations: The University of Western Australia, Curtin University of Technology
This poster was presented at The Australian and New Zealand Bone Mineral Society 2018 Conference
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Poster Information
Abstract: The Collaborative Cross (CC) is a systems genetics resource [1]. The Gene Mine (the WA component of the CC) is a recombinant inbred panel of >1000 mice from over 80 strains, generated and housed at the Animal Resources Centre, Perth [2]. A primary aim of the CC is to provide a stable, reproducible genetic reference platform for quantitative and qualitative analysis of gene-variants, epistatic mechanisms, and environmental factors resulting in disease [3]. We are screening the Gene Mine CC population for spinal and dentofacial deformities. Our aim is to answer the question: “How are these deformities genetically connected?”
Summary: What is the genetic relationship between spinal deformity and dentofacial deformity?
References: 1. Threadgill DW and Churchill GA. Genetics, 190: 291-94, 2012.
2. Morahan G, Balmer L, and Monley D. Mamm Genome, 19: 390-393, 2008.
3. The Complex Trait Consortium. Nature Genetics, 36: 1133-1137, 2004.
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