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Genetically Engineered Bacterias Drugs Based on htDNA-chip®
Poster Title: Genetically Engineered Bacterias Drugs Based on htDNA-chip®
Submitted on 14 Jan 2022
Author(s): Matt Mills
Affiliations: CD BioSciences
Poster Views: 309
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Poster Information
Abstract: Genetically engineered drugs refer to a series of biological products with biological activity that are developed through recombinant DNA technology combined with modern biotechnology such as fermentation engineering, cell engineering, and enzyme engineering to prevent and treat major human diseases. Summary: Protein drugs and antibiotics are mainly produced by transgenic bacterias. In this process, the htDNA-chip® technology platform can mainly be used as an amplification platform for cloned gene fragments and a verification platform for successful integration of target genes. Our high-throughput htDNA-chip® technology platform ensures high efficiency and high precision in the amplification and detection process.References: abuse »
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