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Genomics Technologies Transform the Future of Biomarker Discovery
Poster Title: Genomics Technologies Transform the Future of Biomarker Discovery
Submitted on 23 Jun 2020
Author(s): CD Genomics
Affiliations: CD Genomics
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Abstract: The discovery of biomarkers has become increasingly vital in clinical science and practice in the era of targeted therapy. Discovery of biological parameters that may contribute to the differential response of disease to a given treatment allows developing an individualized therapy. Individualized therapy, also known as personalized medicine, refers to the prediction of the response to a given therapy and followed by a tailored treatment intervention based on the individual biological and genetic information.
Summary: Genomic technologies have now been extensively applied to the biomarker development process. It is a versatile tool to identify genomic variants, differentially expressed genes, and differential methylation patterns, as well as investigate pathway and gene regulation network. Report abuse »
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