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Germination Anticipated Incumbation Analogous - Sediment Compostion Experiment
Poster Title: Germination Anticipated Incumbation Analogous - Sediment Compostion Experiment
Submitted on 06 Oct 2021
Author(s): Solomon Ubani
Affiliations: Gaiasce (c) Solomon Ubani,
This poster was presented at ICAET 2020
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Abstract: The research role involves germination of plants in incumbation within a botanical garden. This involved experimenting with red berries and naturally occuring organism. This interest in plants was noted from my experience and the need to improve their germination in a rapidly biological system in some climates such as in countries needs for it. There readings of the germination and sedimentation due to the growth of this plants. The design is carried out in the research facilities at University College Dublin in an application for a Biologics Research Coordinator role in development of sustainable crops on their website. There was IT or the software and instrumentation used to facilitate the development of the plants and develop hypothesis on the uses of the crops when germinated in the botanical gardens.
Summary: Germination, Fertilization, Composte, Incumbater, Tripoidal
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IBAN: GB61LOYD30645718515260

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