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Glycomics Analysis by Mass Spectrometry
Poster Title: Glycomics Analysis by Mass Spectrometry
Submitted on 23 Jun 2020
Author(s): Creative Proteomics
Affiliations: Creative Proteomics
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Abstract: Glycomics is the study of glycans that focuses on the the structure and function of carbohydrates. Glycoform distributions at the cellular, tissue, organ and organism levels are also studied. Three aspects of glycomics are usually explored, including structural characteriza-tion of glycans, research of glycan-protein interactions, and the study of in vitro and in vivo systems for the determination of the function of specific glycans.Summary: The majority of the linear sugars are glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) that consist of repeating disaccharide units. The units are 0-linked to a core protein, forming a proteoglycan aggregate.
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