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Governance - A Framework for a Career Choice
Poster Title: Governance - A Framework for a Career Choice
Submitted on 07 Nov 2019
Author(s): Malcolm J McNinch
Affiliations: InHealth Ltd
This poster was presented at UKIO
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Poster Information
Abstract: Governance - a framework for learning and career development for radiographers
Malcolm McNinch
InHealth Ltd
With so much focus on Advanced Practitioner roles are there other avenues, unidentified or unexplored which are open to radiographers? Governance may by an overlooked and unidentified route which is not yet seen as a viable option to career progression. However, it can be satisfying, interesting and rewarding to those who decide to move into this sphere. Governance is not about policing services or systems nor is it about enforcing, change, rooting out bad practice or identifying areas where things may go disastrously wrong.
Whilst there may be certain aspects of these, there are key areas of knowledge and skills which must underpin any ability to work in this field:
• • Service Improvement: How to bring about change, staff involvement, LEAN techniques, process mapping
• • Clinical Knowledge: Anyone working in governance must have a strong and broad clinical background which should include general and specialist areas
• • Tutoring and Training: The ability to impart knowledge, and desire to want to provide a high-quality service
• • Human Factors: Understanding that people are fallible and make mistakes which cannot always be understood
• • Incident Investigation: Incident/complaints review, Root Cause Analysis, recognition of Serious Incidents Policy
• • Procedure Review: The skills to be able to write policies, review, maintain and update according to current legislation and guidelines
• • Learning and Sharing: How to disseminate lessons learned from an incident to promote good practice and to stop it happening again Governance should empower, encourage, energise, inspire, improve, and give aspiration to best practice both in the clinical and managerial arenas.
Summary: Governance is not recognized as a career choice in itself. Although aspects of it are accepted and there are courses for these areas, there is no consideration of the importance of governance as a whole.

This poster seeks to challenge that and is based on the author's experience
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