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 Heat - stressed dairy cows
Poster Title: Heat - stressed dairy cows
Submitted on 01 Sep 2020
Author(s): Ahlam A El Shewy
Affiliations: Dairy Science Department, National Research Center,Cairo, Egypt.
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Abstract: Heat stress can be simply defined as a condition that occurs when an animal cannot dissipate an adequate quantity of heat, whether it is produced or absorbed by the body, to maintain body thermal balance. This may cause physiological and behavioral responses, leading to physiological disorders that negatively affect the productive and reproductive performance of farm animals Summary: Nowadays,
climate change
is unequivocal
due to

1- continuous increasing in temperatures of global air and ocean

2- melting of snow and ice

3- rising global sea level
Actually, climate change term is new unlike heat stress term; however,
it has made the problem of heat stress worsen

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