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High-throughput Carbonic Anhydrase Activity and Inhibitor Screening Assays
Poster Title: High-throughput Carbonic Anhydrase Activity and Inhibitor Screening Assays
Submitted on 25 Apr 2018
Author(s): Suratna Hazra, Ph.D., Grigoriy Tchaga, Ph.D., and Gordon Yan, Ph.D.
Affiliations: BioVision Inc
This poster was presented at Experimental Biology 2018
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Poster Information
Abstract: Carbonic Anhydrase (CA) is a zinc based metalloprotease present in at least 14 different isoforms in mammals. It catalyzes the reversible hydration of carbon dioxide to form bicarbonate and proton, thus playing an important role in pH and CO2 homeostasis. Changes in CA activity are associated with various diseases such as - glaucoma, type II diabetes mellitus, lung, liver diseases etc. As CA is also an important target for cancer therapy, a robust and sensitive high-throughput carbonic anhydrase activity and inhibitor screening assays are very important tools.
Carbonic anhydrase activity or carbon dioxide hydration rate is widely measured by using potentiometer or a stopped-flow instrument as reflected by the change in pH over time. However, this method is not suitable for high-throughput assay. Consequently, in BioVision Inc. we have launched the first high throughput Carbonic Anhydrase Activity Assay Kit, detecting the esterase activity of this enzyme. This kit utilizes the zinc-hydroxide mechanism for carbon dioxide hydration and hydrolysis of an ester substrate resulting in the release of a chromophore signal that is proportional to the enzyme activity
Summary: BioVision’s Carbonic Anhydrase Activity and Inhibitor Screening Assays provide valuable tools for drug discovery and identifying potential modulators of CA Activity in a high-throughput format. The assay kits are commercially available at Cat # K472-100 and K473-100.Report abuse »
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